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We want to point people to encourage & equip followers of Jesus to grow in their relationship with Christ. And we grow and mature in a number of ways:

  • with the Bible as our primary and ultimate authority in all matters of life and faith we desire to expand and deepen our abiltiy to believe, understand, and apply God's Word,
  • we want to pursue maturity as the Holy Spririt teaches us and works sanctification in us producing more Christlike character and holiness,
  • and we want to be faithful stewards of all the gifts and talents that God has given His people; to serve one another in the local church and to serve as witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus to our neghbors and friends in the world around us.

Bible study, books, articles/blogs on a Christian response to cultural issues, classes, seminars, and training opportunities, along with hands-on service, are all tools to grow us as a people. 

Here are some of the resources we have available:

River City Kids/Family Resources

Community Groups/Outreach Resources

Recommended Reading