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Sunday School Activities: Jesus Fed a Crowd

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Jesus Fed a Crowd

 August 23, 2020


The Gospel Project Online
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Gospel Project Preschoolers (2-5) 

Link to Activity Pages and Video; 

Unit 24, Session 2


Gospel Project Younger Kids (6+) 

Link to Activity Pages and Video; Unit 24, Session 2


River City Youth (8+) Sermon Notes/ Gospel Project for Older Kids

Sermon Notes Handout

Gospel Project Journal Page Handout for Older Kids  Unit 24, Session 2




Unit 24/Session 2: Overview

Jesus Fed a Crowd
Matthew 14; Mark 6; Luke 9; John 6

Unit Verse:

Lord my God, you have done many things-- your wondrous works
and your plans for us; none can compare with you. 

Psalm 40:5


Big Picture Question

Why did Jesus perform miracles?
Jesus performed miracles to show He is the Son of God.


Story Point:

Jesus showed He is God’s Son.


Discussion Questions

Preschool and age 5:  

What did Jesus teach people? (about God and His kingdom)

How much food did the boy give to Jesus? (five loaves of bread and two fish)

Would five loaves and two fish be enough to feed a crowd? (yes)

How many people did Jesus feed? (more than 5,000)

Why did Jesus perform miracles?
Jesus performed miracles to show He is the Son of God.

Ages 8 and older: 

Additional Discussion Questions on Activity Page.

Follow up with a three questions method 

What did our Bible Story tell us about? (Facts)

What did you learn about yourself/humanity/character?(Lesson teaching)

How will you apply/tell others about what you learned? (application/main teaching called to action)

**Close your time in prayer**

Thank God for what you learned today.

Everyone shares one thing they are grateful to God for 

and one thing they would like to ask God for.

Consider who else to pray for, especially those who don’t know Jesus.


Family Worship Time 

This family worship time will be most valuable to your family if you preview the materials ahead of your planned family gathering so that you can assess what is appropriate engagement for the age of your kids. 

In general a child's attention span is 3 to 5 minutes per year of a child's age for best engagement of their listening and comprehension.

Suggested outline of previewing material and Family worship time:

Parent: view How to use video- Plan your Family Worship time

Print/view Activity Pages: starter activity and coloring page/journal page

Watch: Bible Story video 

Discussion: Blog questions/ Family Discussion on right side of the activity page; Also BIG Picture Question (Doctrine) 

Prayer: Outline of suggested areas. 


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Praying God’s blessing to you and yours.  


**Additional Family Worship ideas and resources can be seen

on previous River City Kids blog post 3/22/2020