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Family Worship Ideas and Guidelines for June 21st

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Resuming Sunday Worship Gatherings as a Family

We are excited to see you and your beautiful families gathering together again on Sunday as a larger body of believers!

We also understand that some families are unable to attend these larger group gatherings for the time being; we pray God continues to draw your children to Himself and that their love for Him and the Word would continue to grow no matter the setting.

We will continue to provide weekly Blog posts with Sunday School teaching materials from the Gospel Project. If you would like to have activity pages for your kids mailed to your home please complete this survey.

 We want to be a source of encouragement and help for you and your kids during this change in Church participation. 


Available materials and guidelines
for families who will attend
Sunday Morning services starting JUNE 21st, 2020.

1) We ask that parents be with your kids at all times to help them remain physically distanced from others while we continue to love and
respect one another’s COVID observances.



2) We will provide RCKids ages 2-12, and older kids with activity pages, sermon notes, and small crayon packs to be used and taken home.

We ask that 1 parent come to the CHECK-IN desk to gather
these materials from volunteers. 
This will help minimize contact and ensure your kids get materials for their age.

3) We encourage you to bring additional activities
and snacks from home to engage your child. 

Suggested Activities and Materials for fun at church: backpack

  • Children’s Bible
  • Markers/Crayons and coloring pages. 
  • Books with flaps or look and find books
  • Water Wow Activity pages
  • Cars/Trucks/Plastic toys that can be washed after use
  • Magnadoodle, or etch-a-sketch, or other magnetic toys 
  • Sticker books or a sheet of stickers to add to other coloring pages.
  • Sewing Boards

** These items can be kept aside for only church use to make them special and more exciting for your child to rediscover each week. 

Older school aged children

Older children should be encouraged to be more engaged in the sermon with note taking.
They could have their own notebook or device and Bible to use each Sunday. 

The process of understanding and following along with the Pastor's sermon 
varies for each unique child.  sermonNotes_image

Maybe set a goal with your child:

- follow along listing words they don’t know

- write out the main points listed on the slides shown

- creatively doodle images they might hear from in the Pastor’s illustrations

Middle School aged kids and above can utilize the sermon note outline pages as well as compile personal questions for further learning.


Worshiping as a Body of Believers


Whatever level of engagement your child might be sitting
(*laying, squirming, or cuddling) 
at we hope you see it as an opportunity for them to practice being a part of the body of believers. They get to see brothers and sisters in Christ gather together in learning from the Word, worshiping the Savior, praying together, confessing sins, receiving communion, and many other small acts of Sabbath rest each Sunday Morning. 


As a church family we welcome the many sounds of children around us and pray for their peace and joy throughout the service. Our Pastors’ welcome their presence and delight in seeing them grow in wisdom, and stature. 


We know this may be intimidating for some families to come and have new expectations of their kids during church. We want you to know that you are covered in prayer and that there is Grace for whatever silly, loud, quiet, wild card actions your kids might have on Sunday. Please come and know that it will get better with practice and love.



The Nursery will be open (without staff) for mothers who might need a quiet place to nurse or change their child. Please wipe down surfaces after use (supplies will be provided).


No toys or food items will be provided by River City Kids Ministry
until further notice.

We are sorry for the inconvience and promise to pursue a new way of providing River City Kids Sunday School that protects their health and provides age appropriate ways to engage them in Gospel learning during the service.