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The Gospel Project: Paul's First Journey

Paul obeyed the Holy Spirit and shared the gospel with anyone who would listen. People tried to stop Paul, but Paul did not give up. Many people believed in Jesus, and the church grew. The Holy Spirit wants us to tell others about Jesus so they can be saved from their sin....

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The Gospel Project: Peter Escaped from Prison

God heard the prayers of the people. He had a plan for Peter, and He helped him escape from prison. Peter knew he might die because he believed in Jesus, but he wanted to share the good news about Jesus no matter what....

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Jesus' Crucifixion and Resurrection

The most important thing that ever happened is that Jesus died and was raised from the dead. Jesus is alive! When we trust in Jesus, we have true joy. Jesus brings forgiveness and life with God forever....

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Peter and Cornelius: The Gospel Project Lesson

God showed Peter that the good news about Jesus is for everyone. God wants believers to tell everyone the good news about Jesus no matter who they are or what they do. Jesus is the Lord of all....

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Guarding The Truth: The Gospel Project Lesson

Telling people about Jesus can be hard. There will always be some who do not want to hear the truth. God wants believers to follow Jesus and obey Him no matter what....

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Paul Met Jesus

Paul was an enemy of Jesus and His followers, but then God changed him. Jesus came to earth to save sinners like Paul. (1 Timothy 1:15). When we trust in Jesus, He changes us from the inside out....

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Philip and the Ethiopian: The Gospel Project Lesson

The man from Ethiopia knew what the Bible said, but he did not know the Bible is about Jesus. The Holy Spirit led Philip to help the man understand the good news about Jesus: Jesus died on the cross for our sins and He is alive....

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Sunday School Activities: Jesus Showed His Glory

Jesus showed His glory to Peter, James, and John. Jesus said He would die, rise from the dead, and go back to heaven. One day, Jesus will come again in His glory to make everything new. ...

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Sunday School Activities: Jesus Walked on Water

Jesus showed that we can trust Him. His life, death, and resurrection showed that Jesus is who He says He is. When we look to Jesus and trust Him, He will save us from our sin....

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Sunday School Activities: Jesus Fed a Crowd

Jesus gave the people food so they would not be hungry. The next day, Jesus said that He is the bread of life. (John 6:35) Only Jesus can give us everything we need. Jesus gives us forgiveness, peace with God, and life forever with Him....

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