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The Incarnation

This Sunday we added to our regular corporate worship an expression referred to as "spoken word." 

Part poetry & part music, the spoken word focuses on lyrical content and presentation to engage the listener to consider the words in a way they might not if they are listening to them being simply read aloud.

One of our members, Matt Jacques, along with a guitar and the help of some synthesizer sounds, presented a version of a spoken word called "The Incarnation" originally written and performed by Odd Thomas (part of the group Beautiful Eulogy) from Humble Beast Records.

You can hear our rendition on our podcast from Sunday December 13th as part of the introduction to the sermon... but to give credit where credit is due we've included the original version below with respect to the artist Odd Thomas and his work with Humble Beast records.

Be encouraged that God has come near to us in Christ Jesus!

Odd Thomas - The Incarnation (Spoken Word) from Humble Beast Records on Vimeo.