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Parenting Conference: Resources Spring 2021




Spring Conference


It's Not What You Think



In four sessions, Paul Tripp will open up the Bible and change the way you think about raising sons and daughters.


Session 01
Give Up Control

The goal of parenting is not to control your child’s life; they will quickly outgrow your authority and be independent individuals. Don’t miss the big picture of what God has called you to do.

Session 02
Shape Their Character

Your children will reveal their lack of character over and over again. Learn how to lovingly expose the sin in their hearts and point them to the forgiveness of Jesus.

Session 03
Thrive In The Teen Years

Culture portrays this period of life as a chaotic season to be survived, but the Bible is very optimistic about what can be accomplished. Learn how to make the most of the teen years and help them successfully transition from childhood to adulthood.

Session 04
Rest In God.

Parents who rest in God will experience abounding joy as a mother or father. This hope-infused conclusion will remind you that God never calls you to raise your kids without first providing you everything you need.

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Parenting Resources


First and foremost, The Bible is the most important and foundational resource for families. A family can’t go wrong simply reading and discussing the scriptures together. All other resources should only be supplementary, and be used to further understand God as he is revealed in the Bible. Below is a list of resources referred by some of the River City staff as well as where to find more.


Books for Children

  • Arlo and the Great Big Cover Up - Childs Howard, Hardy
  • Everyone a Child should Know - Heath Whyte
  • Everything a Child should Know about God - Taylor, Brake
  • God’s Very Good Idea - Newbell


A large list of children’s books can also be found at and


On Spotify

  • River City Worship
  • Quality Christian Music for Kids- The Gospel Coalition
  • Sovereign Grace Kids

Parenting Books

  • 14 Gospel Principles of Parenting  (Paul David Tripp)
  • First Ask Why? (Wildman)
  • Risen Motherhood (Emily Jensen & Laura Wifler)
  • The Lifegiving Parent (Sally Clarkson & Clay Clarkson)
  • The Strong Willed Child (Dobson)
  • Created to Care: God’s Truth for Anxious Moms (Wallace)
  • Caring for the Souls of Children - Amy Baker (Ed.)
  • Shepherding a Child’s Heart (Ted Tripp)


Family Worship

  • Jesus Storybook Bible; (Sally Lloyd Jones)
  • Foundations: 12 Biblical Truths to Shape a Family;
    (Ruth Chou Simons and Troy Simons)
  • The Home Team: Gospel & Family (Monaghan) 
  • Family Discipleship (Chandler and Griffin)
  • Investigating God’s Word at Home Series (Kwasny)
  • The Biggest Story (DeYoung)
  • A Baptist Catechism (Adapted by John Piper)


Online resources