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Love & Grace - Parenting Seminar Resources

This past weekend we were challenged and encouraged by our friend and brother Reid Monaghan as he presented a seminar on parenting called

Love and Grace: Aiming Children In A Godward Direction

We were given some great content and had some solid interaction with one another around how we can faithfully fulfill our roles as parents and encourage one another, in the body of Christ, in the process.

If you'd like to listen to the audio from the seminar and read along with the notes, we'll link them below. 

We pray parents are challenged to lean into their roles as the chief (but not solo) disciple-makers in the lives of their Children. May God continue to lead and guide us as parents and as a body together.

Love and Grace - Audio - Session 1

Love and Grace - Audio - Session 2

Love and Grace - Audio - Session 3 (w/ Q&A)

Conference Notes


**If you'd like the resource on Family Devotions and Discipleship that Reid referenced during the seminar you can download his HOME TEAM: Family Worship Resource here.