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A Unique Opportunity for the Midwest Microplex

It's very likely that you've heard the term metroplex. It's a term that is most notably used in Texas to refer to the Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington area as 'The Metroplex'. Similar major metropolitan areas around the United States use similar terms to refer to linked major metropolitan areas, for example: "Twin Cities" (Minneapolis-St.Paul), "The Triangle" (Raleigh-Durham). T...

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How to Respond to Misinformation

A response to a recent news report on WDAY...

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Asking For the Wrong Thing...

"There is some reality to the claim that people of all ages leave churches because they feel “fake” or Sunday mornings feel more like a rally for a political party. But I don’t think that is THE reason people are leaving churches. I think it is because they aren’t finding a Jesus in their image."...

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Eyes Open

When was the last time you experienced entering into a new place, situation, job, etc? Try to remember that right now. Uncomfortable, unsettled, and a fish out of water may be some of the words or phrases that come to mind. That's exactly the way people every week enter into our Sunday morning gathering. This is our fourth summer as a church community and between mid-July ...

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