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Getting Past Our Doubts from Ray Ortlund

Many in our church and in our city are struggling with this or that, with unbelief in the promises of the gospel.  Asaph struggled with the same thing, and shared how he worked through it in Psalm 73.  Ray Ortlund expounds upon this text, relating it to those of us who doubt.  Take a listen as this will be helpful for your soul as well as how you shepherd the members of your MC.

He relates three truths from Psalm 73:

  • Our biggest barrier to God is not conceptual/theoretical, it's very personal.
  • Our only way back to God comes from God.
  • Our only sanity in this crazy world is in the quiet place before God.

Lord willing, this will give each of us more perspective as we seek to usher people into the presence of God in the person and work of Christ.  Lovingly and faithfully bring people to God!