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Read With Me: Outgrowing the Ingrown Church - Week 4

What an amazing privilege, to take part in the work of God in our community. The Lord's design since before the dawn of time, before the foundation of the world, was to build for himself a Church. A Body. A group of people who exist by the grace of God to show off the grace of God, to show the richness of his mercy, the greatness of his love, the immeasurable riches of his...

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Read With Me: Outgrowing the Ingrown Church - Week 3

We're jumping right in this week to Section III entitled "Uncovering the Sources of Missionary Power," looking at chapters five and six ofOutgrowing the Ingrown Churchby C. John Miller. You can check out my recaps of the previous four chapters here and here. Hoping this has been a helpful look at what I've found to be a helpful book! Section III: Uncovering the Sources o...

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Read With Me: Outgrowing the Ingrown Church - Week 2

Welcome to installation #2 of our time together inOutgrowing the Ingrown Church by C. John Miller. Last week, we discussed chapters one two, this time around we'll get into three four which will start the second section of the book entitled "Getting Our Missionary Identity Straight." Going through these pages has once more encouraged me in the work of the Lord and at the...

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Read With Me: Outgrowing the Ingrown Church - Week 1

Every Thursday I'll recap the general points of a chapter or two from a book I've enjoyed and found applicable to what God's doing in and through us as a church....

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Proverbs Week 10 Discussion Questions

MC Discussion questions for week 10 of our series in Proverbs....

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Proverbs Week 9 Discussion Questions

Introductory Question When it comes to the nature of temptation, what's your prevailing attitude: ignorant/hopeless/deflecting/arrogant? Discussion/Application Questions Read Proverbs 5:1-23... How does the father's description of temptation play itself out in other areas of Scripture? Where do we see this actually happening? Is anyone willing to share how tempt...

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Proverbs Week 8 Discussion Questions

Here are discussion questions for week 8 of our series in Proverbs....

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Proverbs Week 7 Discussion Questions

Each week, I'll be doing my best to post the general questions given to each MC leader to frame out their discussion. My hope is to expose participants to the questions prior to discussion to come ready to confess and repent amongst their brothers and sisters in Christ. ...

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Fascination with Interpretation

“You’re constantly interpreting your world…You are an incessant interpreter. That is a significant and important function. You never leave your life alone.”...

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MC Leader Huddle Content: Evangelism

In June, we will be focusing on how as MC Leaders we live as ambassadors for Christ as we are united to him by faith. We'll look at this on an individual level as men, but also how to foster an understanding of the role everyone plays within a group as it pertains to proclamation. To begin, I'll be synthesizing chapter five from Mack Stiles' book Evangelism: How the Whole ...

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