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Suffering is Essential in Our Witness

We desire evangelistic results without the accompanying suffering and persecution. But it's through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God. Our fears being realized forces us to trust in God who will sustain and empower us in his kingdom expansion....

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Mistakes are Essential in our Witness

The Lord sovereignly uses our mistakes in evangelism to teach us how to better contextualize the gospel....

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Fear is Essential in Our Witness

Fear forces us to trust in the Lord as we call others to do the same....

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Springs of Living Water

Missional Communities are places where the thirsty soul can come for refreshment, for satisfaction....

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Embrace the Offense

People are easily offended. And we have believed and seek to communicate the Good News that offends in the deepest of ways. What hope do we have?...

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My Own Worst Publicist

It’s when your inner publicist consults with your inner defense lawyer to concoct and justify a false reality meant to get people off the scent....

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The Gospel & Sanctification

Thinking about the battle we wage against the spiritual forces of darkness and evil in the heavenly places, we need to talk about no condemnation. We need to talk about the payment being made in Christ’s blood. But we also need to talk about freedom from sin’s dominion and the ability in Christ to walk in newness of life....

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"I'm here to help, I'm not going anywhere."

On Saturday, April 23rd, many of our current and future MC Leaders gathered together for specific training related to how we help and encourage those among us in need of care.  This post is a brief recap of what was discussed and how it will impact our body going forward....

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Putting Kids in Their Proper Place: Part Four

We want our kids to have front-row seats to the spiritual growth of the community of believers as we are raising them to be Christ-centered missionaries in our world. Parents have a unique role to discipline and instruct them toward this life of following Christ. So many of you are bringing your children into the body of Christ. You are showing them your desire to know ...

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Put Kids in Their Proper Place: Part Three

Could we radically redefine “normal” for our kids? As I have seen over and over in my own life, I default to “normal.” My wife will tell you that my normal is not the same as her normal but I go back to my normal all the time. Normal is a distracted mind. Normal is forgetting responsibility. Normal is waiting until someone is upset before addressing the issue....

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