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Care & Counseling Ministry

Caring for our body as we care for our community.

The Care & Counseling Ministry exists to help bear the burdens of sin and suffering in our body, comforting as we have been comforted, restoring as we have been restored. This ministry provides loving and competent discipleship to those struggling with sin and suffering, keeping them on the front lines of God’s mission in our community.

It is the prayer of this Ministry to play a significant role in church planting and MC multiplication by equipping lay counselors, releasing them to proactively care for and reactively counsel those in need.

To bring this vision to reality, the Care & Counseling Ministry at River City Church will offer robust training, equipping future counselors to know the gospel story, believe the gospel story, and tell the gospel story.

If you have any general inquiries about the care and counseling ministry at River City Church, please email

Care & Counseling Equipping Program

If you would like to register for our counselor equipping program, please follow this link. The next scheduled opportunity for equipping will begin in November of 2016, however by registering here Pastor Charlie will schedule a meeting to discuss the ministry, your aspirations, and how you can best prepare for the equipping program.

Resources utilized in this program include the following:

Over the course of 8 months, future counselors will be better understand the gospel story, applying it to their own lives, and learning to wisely communicate it to others.  Lord willing, this will support the work of discipleship in our community, upholding a culture of gospel proclamation.

Would you like to meet with a pastor?

If so, please follow this link and share a few pieces of helpful information. By completing this form, our pastoral staff will be alerted to your needs and schedule a time to meet with you. The more information you share, the better prepared our pastors can be as they come alongside you to help and encourage. Please note that based on the situation and your needs, a trained member of our church may be asked to work directly with you.